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If you’re new to iHomefinder IDX and/or WordPress, this webinar recording is for you. You’ll learn everything you need to know to create targeted IDX content containing listings and market data for the areas and criteria you choose. And you’ll learn how to make this content easily found on your WordPress IDX website by people and by search engines.

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This webinar walks you through using your IDX Control Panel to create a saved search (“Market”) and making this dynamic IDX content easily found on your website using your WordPress dashboard. You’ll find step-by-step guides below for what we demonstrated in the webinar.

Accessing Your IDX Control Panel

This is the command center for your iHomefinder IDX account. You can control search options, create saved searches (Markets) to display on your website, access leads, customize lead registration forms, and more.

With a WordPress website, you can access your IDX Control Panel by logging into your WordPress website dashboard. Locate the Optima Express menu on the left-hand side and select IDX Control Panel.

Creating Markets in your IDX Control Panel

Here are some step-by-step guides for creating Markets – choose the option depending on which account plan you have:

Accounts with MarketBoost:
View article >

Accounts without MarketBoost:
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Adding Markets to Your Website

You can link to your Market pages created in your IDX Control Panel or you can embed them in your own pages and posts.

Accounts with MarketBoost:
Link to Market pages: Promoting your MarketBoost Markets on your site
Embed Market pages: Embedding MarketBoost Markets reports in your pages and posts with Shortcode

Accounts without MarketBoost:
View article >
Scroll down to the section “Displaying Your Listing Report”

Original source: https://www.ihomefinder.com/blog/product-news-and-tips/wordpress-idx-basics/

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