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Promoting your own listings on your site is certainly one of the most important aspects of your real estate marketing plan. When your featured listings are displayed on your site using an iHomefinder account, you have the option to override the listing information from your MLS with customized information. These changes only affect the listing information as it appears on your site using an iHomefinder account. The override options do not change the information uploaded in the MLS and they provide the benefit of presenting your featured listings differently on your site compared to other sites using the information uploaded in the MLS.

One useful application for this override option is keyword optimization. Your real estate marketing plan should include an SEO strategy which requires targeting specific keywords that will attract organic site visitors to your site through search engines. To contribute to your SEO strategy, you may want to include certain keywords in the listing descriptions that were not entered in the MLS listing descriptions. With the featured listing on your site, you can maximize organic traffic by targeting keywords strategically and including them within the listing descriptions. This was a topic in our recent webinar on SEO which you can watch here.

Editing Your Featured Listings

Here’s how to access Featured Listings information in your iHomefinder account.

Step 1

Log in to your IDX Control Panel and select Listings at the top.

Step 1 control panel

Step 2

Click on an active listing to edit it.
Step 2 IDX Control Panel

Step 3

Select any of the options shown to add customized override information for the listing. Make sure to select Save Property Information at the bottom when you’re done.

When you return to your list of Active Listings, you can use the Show option in the right-hand column to view the listing with your changes.
Step 3 IDX Control Panel

Original source: https://www.ihomefinder.com/blog/product-news-and-tips/real-estate-marketing-and-your-featured-listings/

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