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Our April 14th webinar featured guest speaker and award-winning real estate coach, Bob Corcoran. This webinar is packed with tips from Bob’s 30+ years of coaching to help you succeed at any stage and period in your career – with or without a crisis.

Bob answered questions from the audience and shared insights and best practices on tactics, technology such as CRMs and virtual tours, how to succeed during a crisis, and how your focused efforts during any crisis will greatly impact your future success. Bob also shared his thoughts on why our current crisis is very different than the recession of 2008, why the market will remain a sellers’ market, and why agents should be very optimistic.

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Key Takeaways

Tools and Technology

Agents must have their own IDX website tied to a CRM to succeed in growing their business, even if their broker is providing an online presence for them. Your CRM is your hub of your business activity and making it part of you workflow is critical to your success.

Artificial intelligence is being used successfully right now in features like iHomefinder’s CRM with Marketing Automation to predict what listings leads will be interested in, sending relevant listing recommendations and market stats to incubate leads and keep agents top-of-mind with their leads.

Virtual tours are definitely working for agents, helping them to close, increasing exposure to listings, and attracting new leads. Agents are sharing property tours in a number of ways with Facebook being one of the more popular tools, due to its ease and reach.


People who agree to outwork their competition during times of crisis will see a dramatic increase in production in the following 12 months.

Your most powerful marketing tool is making phone calls, asking the right questions, and following up. You can’t expect your website and automated emails to do everything for you.

Facebook is a great channel for its potential reach and it’s a good place to share links back to content on your site, such as listings, market reports, and other content that helps buyers.

Radio and television advertising should not be overlooked. Television is “huge” right now.

Clients waiting to buy because they’re expecting another buyers’ market should be encouraged to act now. Unlike the recession of 2008, all current conditions point to the market remaining a seller’s market despite the current crisis.

Questions Index

Below you’ll find the questions Bob answered along with links to the locations in the video to hear his responses.

  • How do you recommend organizing leads in a CRM for maximum productivity? Watch video >
  • I’m still debating getting a CRM. Can I be successful without a CRM? Watch video >
  • What should I be doing to keep in touch with my clients during this time? What can I do right now to stay top of mind and relevant? Watch video >
  • What are your thoughts on artificial intelligence in real estate CRMs and have you seen it used successfully by agents? Watch video >
  • What specific social media tactic do you think carries the biggest benefit to share with clients? Watch video >
  • Do you feel that virtual open houses produce results? Watch video >
  • What do you think is our most important marketing tool during a major crisis? Watch video >
  • For personal (agent) websites, should we go crazy for websites? Do people or buyers really stays on search homes on your site? Zillow or Redfin my buyers are always on those sites. I don’t want to spend time or big bucks. Your thoughts? Watch video >
  • How does one convince potential buyers our local market will remain fairly stable in spite of the current crisis, and that the prices will not go down significantly in the next few months as they did during the Great Recession of 2008? Watch video >
  • Real estate is considered a non-essential service in my state so we are shut down. What should I be doing until the order is lifted? Watch video >
  • What are some of the 80/20(highest leverage) activities I can do to generate activity in this time? Watch video >
  • Clients thinks that it’s going to be a buyers’ market and they want to wait. They are passing on great properties due to that reason. What do I tell them? Watch video >
  • I live and sell in the Palm Springs area, where approximately one-half of residents are seasonal (Nov-May) and are retired or semi-retired. Our season of selling has been impacted… What should I do in my marketing efforts in a time when I believe the local market will be significantly impacted? Watch video >
  • What’s the best way to convince potential sellers it’s okay to list their property during this crisis, people are still looking to buy, and only serious buyers will be allowed to tour their property? Watch video >
  • I get website visitors but how can I get more to convert to known leads and provide their information? Watch video >
  • What are your 2 main recommended verticals/pillars for lead gen? Watch video >
  • Why is now a good time to buy real estate? Watch video >
  • What is your opinion of cutting back on marketing dollars at this time? Specifically, cutting back on Realtor.com and Zillow leads. Watch video >
  • What’s the fastest way to start as a real estate agent? Watch video >
  • I want to grow a team, I need to know what roles of people I can put in place to be most effective. Watch video >
  • What should a productive email response to an internet lead contain, is a shorter worded email better? Watch video >
  • Other than social media what do you recommend agents for to advertise? Watch video >
  • How do I make myself a go-to broker in my area? Watch video >
  • How do I reach Bob Corcoran? Watch video >

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