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Immediate follow-up with every new lead is critical for your bottom line, as discussed in our article Real Estate Follow-Up and Business Growth. Studies cited in that article point out that most agents and brokers are missing opportunities and leaving money on the table due to their follow-up practices.

Better, Smarter Follow-Up

iHomefinder’s Marketing Automation feature is a simple and effective solution to help agents and brokers make the most of every new lead, helping to qualify more new leads and turn them into clients.

Many drip email services provide generic, non-personalized content that really doesn’t help move leads closer to a transaction. In contrast, Marketing Automation engages every new lead with personalized listing recommendations and market stats based on their property search and viewing activity.

Our recorded webinar points out the real problems that Marketing Automation solves. Watch the webinar to learn how it will help your bottom line and save you time so you can focus on doing what you do best.

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Key Points

  • Studies show agents and brokers stand to grow their revenue simply by improving their follow-up time
  • Marketing Automation engages every new lead simply and effectively – just turn it on!
  • News leads receive instant, automated follow-up
  • New leads receive a flow of emails over time that provide relevant listing recommendations and market stats based on their property search and viewing activity
  • Email campaigns are ready to use – no work required
  • You can edit the provided email campaigns and create your own with our drag-and-drop editor
  • New leads from over 30 different third-party services can seamlessly enter your iHomefinder account and your follow-up campaigns
  • Use optional rules to assign leads from different sources to different follow-up campaigns

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Original source: https://www.ihomefinder.com/blog/product-news-and-tips/introduction-to-ihomefinder-marketing-automation/

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