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All iHomefinder account plans include our complete collection of lead capture features to help your convert your anonymous website visitors into registered leads. This article explains what each option does so you’ll know what to expect, and you’ll learn how to take advantage of the optional lead capture features for additional lead conversion opportunities.

If you already have an account, make sure you check out the section on our User Registration feature which is disabled by default in new accounts. If you haven’t tried it, it can make a difference in the number of leads registering on your site when set up appropriately.

The key benefit to most of these lead capture features is that they not only provide you with new leads to connect with and hopefully close, but they also keep leads returning to your site for their property search, rather than one of the big search sites where they’re exposed to ads from other agents. In all cases, your account notifies you immediately when a new lead registers.

Search And Viewing Activity

Before we jump into the features that convert visitors into registered leads, it’s important to understand the information we collect about your site visitors and leads and how we share it with so you’re better equipped to work and close them.

All of your site visitors’ property search and viewing activity is recorded beginning with their first visit to your site as an anonymous visitor. Once a visitor becomes a registered lead through any lead capture feature, all of their property search activity is reported to you within your IDX Control Panel and on your favorite mobile device with Optima Leads. Using this information, you can quickly determine which leads are most active to prioritize your time. And you’ll understand your leads’ interests so you can take the appropriate steps to move them closer to closing. If they have saved property searches or individual listings, those can also be viewed in their lead record details within your account.

Property Organizer

As the name implies, this feature helps your leads organize their search efforts. They can save property search criteria and favorite listings during the search process and quickly access them whenever they return to your site. This is like having a huge magnet on your site that encourages your leads to continue using your site. Additionally, the email alerts they receive for new listings and price changes provide links to drive them back to your site.

Just this single feature alone is so much more powerful than a business card. Every person you come in contact with should be set up with a Property Organizer account for their own neighborhood and any neighborhoods they might be considering for their next move. If your account has MarketBoost, then you have even more options that we’ll talk about later in this article.

Save A Search

Users can save a search on your site or you can do it on behalf of a known lead in your IDX Control Panel. In both cases, they’ll receive automated email alerts for new listings and price changes that meet the search criteria.

Email Alert Popups

These optional popup windows are displayed when search results are shown. They offer users the option to register to receive email alerts for new listings and price changes that match the criteria for the current search results. Unregistered visitors who opt in to receive email alerts are turned into registered leads.

Save A Listing

Users can save individual listings which requires registering for a Property Organizer. Once registered, they can access their Property Organizer and their saved listings and searches whenever they visit your site.

Inquiry Forms

These forms are provided on IDX pages provided with your account and some are also available as widgets to place on your own pages.

Info request

Users can request more information about a listing while viewing it on your site.

Schedule a Showing

Users can request a showing while viewing a listing on your site.

Valuation Request

Users can request a home valuation while on your site.

Contact Us

Users can contact you for any purpose using this form on your site.

User Registration

Your website can present registration prompts throughout the search experience on your website. This feature is disabled by default, so make sure you activate it if you want to use it.

The behavior of the registration prompts is controlled by a number of settings in your IDX Control Panel. Keep in mind that making registration mandatory right away may not be the best route since it could drive people away. To get the best results for your website and your audience, we recommend testing settings for a period of time and then comparing the results to see which settings convert the highest percentage of site visitors.


Users can manually sign-up for Email Updates and the Property Organizer.

Ultra-Light (One Prompt)

Users can dismiss the registration prompt and continue searching and property viewing. The user will will not be prompted again.

Ultra-Light (Multi-Prompt)

Users can dismiss the registration prompt and continue searching and property viewing. If dismissed, the user will be prompted again when the next trigger point is reached (see trigger points).


Users must register when prompted, however, the email is not verified. After registering, the user can continue searching and property viewing.


Users must register when prompted and an email is sent requesting activation. Once the account is activated, the user can continue searching and property viewing. This method ensures that the user has provided a valid email address.

Activating And Customizing User Registration

If you have an iHomefinder account, this article will help you set up this feature.

The popup registration window can be customized with your own message. Use this option to your advantage to explain to visitors the advantages and value they can expect from you and your services once they register.

Registration Form Scripts

Use this feature to place a registration prompt anywhere on your site. This could be used a number of ways, including capturing registrations from visitors in order to access some kind of special content you offer on your site. Once the form is completed, you can redirect to another page or continue to display the current page.

The following articles in our Knowledge Base will walk you through adding registration forms to pages:

Steps for WordPress websites >

Steps for non-WordPress websites >

MarketBoost Lead Capture Features

For each Market (saved search) you create in MarketBoost, your site visitors can subscribe to reports of their choice for a given Market. They can choose from daily active and sold listing alerts, weekly open home reports (sent on Thursdays to prepare your leads for the weekend), and monthly market stats and trends. All three email reports are available for subscription for every Market you create. The monthly reports are an especially effective tool for keeping past clients returning to your site every month for updates on their neighborhood market. This is a lot more interesting, relevant and engaging than cookie cutter drip email campaigns on random topics. And you don’t have to lift a finger after you create your Markets.

Turn Up Your Lead Engagement

Once you have a new lead, think about how you’re engaging them beyond just listing alerts. With Marketing Automation included in our Agent CRM, new leads entering your account can be identified by their source and added to different email campaigns based on their source. And the email content (that you can customize) is dialed-in for buyers or sellers and even the areas they’re interested in.

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