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Going live on Facebook can be one of the best ways to generate new leads, sales, and signups for your products and services! But you can’t just go live without a system or a strategy. Facebook live is extremely cluttered and it feels like everyone you know is already on there trying to generate those leads, sales, and signups. So if you want to stand out with live video then you are going to have to present a better offer, more clearly and more often than your competition. I’ll show you a very simple 3 step process that is easy and systematic so that you can go live every single week and generating leads along the way.

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πŸ‘‡ Chapters:

00:00 How to go live on Facebook to get Leads
01:20 Show Name and Value Statement
03:26 Show Structure
04:30 Open the Show With a Hook
05:00 Welcome Call
05:52 Call to Action
07:20 Sponsor Segment
08:17 Don’t Leave a Link all the Time
08:52 Reply in the DM’s
09:36 It’s a Product

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