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How did I get here?

Marketing and strategy

Chances are you found us using a search engine by typing a phrase that lead you to our website.

Search engine marketing can become an expensive burden on your businesses bottom line unless you fully understand the complex algorithms that search engines use to determine your websites value in their eyes. Before you spend your child’s college fund on Google AdWords only to find the people clicking on your high priced ads is your competition. You log into your AdWords account and find the few decent clicks you got did not convert into any sales.

We have put together several marketing plans designed not to break the bank but deliver long lasting results.

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WordPress Specialist


WordPress is currently the most popular blogging system in use on the Web. WordPress can also be configures to look like a website without any traces of its blog roots.

There are thousands of plugins and themes designed to enhance the style and functions of WordPress. Unfortunately, not all themes and plugins work in unison as they were designed to.

Therefor extensive testing must be done to determine what actually works and what could damage your database driven website.

VINBO is your one stop shop for all of your WordPress needs, from ground up design or converting an existing WordPress site to a new responsive marketing machine.

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Responsive Design

business plan

Our responsive web design eliminates the need for a separate mobile website, content and images. Responsive websites will identify the device that is accessing it and instantly convert the screen size to it match flawlessly.

Many local businesses are missing the boat and losing sales due to the amount of cell users searching for their products on their smart phones right now. The fact of the matter is, less and less, customers are using a phone book or Yellow Pages to find a local product or service they desire. They are searching the internet with their computers and cell phones to look for products that you sell.

Does your business website display properly on the latest mobile devices or will your customer get frustrated and click the back arrow?

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Consumers In Your City Are Using The Internet Right Now To Find Your Product or Service. Can They Find Your Business or Will They Buy Elsewhere?

The Best Website in the World is Worth Nothing Unless Targeted Customers Can Find IT

Small businesses should understand that the Internet is replacing the

Yellow Pages. And just like the good old days of the Yellow Pages, when

a customer starts searching they are usually ready to buy.

If you’re reading this web page, you have to ask yourself one question

How did I get here?

 Chances are you found us using a search engine that lead you to our website.

Will They Be Able To Find You?

If your local business doesn’t have an internet presence as part of your advertising strategy then you probably can’t be found in the place where 80% of potential local customers start their search for your product or service.

Is Your Website Mobile Ready? Over 5 Billion Mobile users are looking to buy something from their cell phones. Will your website display properly on the latest mobile devices?

Your Customers Expect You To Be On The Internet

Whether you are a real estate agency, plumber, dentist, lawyer, contractor, it doesn’t matter, if you can’t be found on the internet you are losing business. Even if you have a website that isn’t being promoted it’s like putting up a billboard in the desert.


Think about this for a minute

How much do you pay every month for your Yellow Page ad?

Does that Yellow Page ad bring in as many customers as it did in the past?

Are you getting a return on your Yellow Page ad investment?

When was the last time you used a phone book to look up a local business?


Does Your Current Web Site or Internet Advertising Convert Visitors Into Customers?

If you are in business to make money then your website should have a sole purpose. Convert visitors to customers! While many business websites are nice to look at, they completely ignore the principles of salesmanship. Remember the goal is not to just have a website. It is to make money.

Geographically Targeted Searches For Local Business

Is your local business competing with national companies for front page of the search engines? That is a loosing proposition? Doing the right things to be found locally by your customer base requires an entirely different strategy than that employed by national branding websites.

The Fastest Way To Get In Front Of Your Potential Customers

Your online presence isn’t limited to a website. The internet is constantly evolving. According to a recent study search engines are now the #1 Media type consumers use to find local businesses. That means you.

Did you know there are several avenues for customers to find you online even if you don’t have a website?

You can gain new customers in as little as a few hours. Our methods are designed to get you found fast by utilizing our special arsenal off site campaigns for your business. Direct response methods are implemented to drive traffic to your web site, telephone or storefront utilizing:

  • Online Coupons
  • Directory Submissions
  • Google, Bing and Yahoo Local Listings
  • Regular Ad Submission To Online Classifieds


Internet Marketing is not about having a web site.

It’s about being found by local customers ready to do business with you.


Native Digital Advertising

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