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Thinking Outside the Box with Divi Box Shadows

Thinking Outside the Box with Divi Box Shadows

There are two ways to approach Divi’s built-in settings. The first, and most obvious approach is using the settings within their range while focusing on that particular element on your page.

The second approach allows you to look beyond the obvious and use settings in a way you wouldn’t have thought of before. One of those settings involves box shadows.

Normally, they’re used to create a certain depth for your elements. Whether you’re adding it to a section, row or module, their most obvious intent is to highlight.

But you can also use box shadows for overall design purposes on your website. They can replace background textures and add asymmetry to your website. In this tutorial, we’re going to show you how to think outside the box with box shadows using Divi’s Business Consultant Layout Pack landing page.

After you’ve understood the way it works, you can apply this tactic to any page you’re creating which will make your website look a bit more unique and thought-through.

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