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With an iHomefinder account powering your real estate website, our lead capture features in our agent and brokerage team plans help you convert anonymous buyer & seller visitors into new leads for you to engage and hopefully convert into closing clients. When your new real estate leads provide their name and email through our lead capture features, they enter your account. The lead management system provided in your IDX Control Panel allows you to see all your leads, view their property search activity since their first visit to your site, and much more. And you have access to all this information in our mobile app for agents, included with our agent plans. If you have one of our CRM plans, your new leads receive immediate, automated follow-up emails and drip email campaigns with listing recommendations based on their activity.

What if you want your new leads to automatically enter another system you’re using in addition to your iHomefinder account? We know agents use lots of different online tools, so all of our account plans offer many ways to automatically send your new leads to other systems.

Real Estate Lead Forwarding Methods

There are three different ways your iHomefinder account can automatically forward your new real estate leads to other systems. The service receiving the new leads will determine the right choice.

Email Parsing

This is the method to use if the receiving service is capable of receiving new leads using email parsing. Once the lead appears in your iHomefinder account, the new real estate lead information is forwarded from your iHomefinder account to a destination email address which will be specified by the service receiving lead information. The receiving service parses the lead information within the emails to create the lead records within their system.

Examples of services that support email parsing include:

  • Five Street
  • Follow Up Boss
  • IXACT Contact
  • <a href="https://mailchimp.com
  • RealtyJuggler
  • LionDesk

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Zapier is one the web’s most widely used integration services, supporting thousands of apps. By setting up Zapier to accept new real estate leads from iHomefinder, you can send new leads to Zapier-supported apps. You can even use Zapier to set up automated workflows between the apps you currently use, triggered by a new lead.

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LTS (Lead Transmission Standard)

This lead forwarding method uses XML POST data to send lead information to other systems that support this type of data exchange.

Examples of services that support LTS include:

  • Salesboom
  • Top Producer
  • Realtiva
  • iMaxCRM

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