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The Automotive Working Group has published two Public Working Drafts for VISS version 2, Core and Transport.

This specification describes a second version of VISS which has been implemented and deployed on production vehicles. It adds major new capabilities and improvements to the earlier version. The first version of VISS only supported WebSocket as a transport protocol, the second version is generalized to work across different protocols as some are better suited for different use cases. HTTP is now supported with additional protocols used within the automotive industry being evaluated for inclusion. Subscription capabilities have been improved and access control has been added.

There are two parts to this specification, Core and Transport.

  • VISS version 2 – Core describes the VISSv2 messaging layer. The companion specifications for the VISSv2 transport protocols detail the mapping of the messaging layer to selected transports. The ontologies based on the VISSv2 core specification are defined in documents for each specific domain (e.g. navigation, media, vehicle data).
  • VISS version 2-Transport describes the VISSv2 transport protocols, and the mapping of the message layer on these transports. The companion specification VISSv2 CORE describes the messaging layer.

Original source: https://www.w3.org/blog/news/archives/9171

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