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All iHomefinder accounts include an option to display Featured Listings on your website. Your Featured Listings are IDX listings where you or your brokerage office represent the seller, based on your MLS Agent ID and/or Office ID. A dedicated page is included that automatically populates with your Featured Listings, and there are widget and gallery options to display your Featured Listings on any page on your site.

How Featured Listings Are Identified

Featured Listings are identified in your account with a setting called the Featured Properties Identifier. Use this setting to enter your Agent and/or Office ID’s in your account by logging into your IDX Control Panel and selecting Setup > Account > MLS Setup.

If your iHomefinder account is a broker account used on an office/team website, the agent bio pages included with your account will automatically display each agent’s listings using their agent code. To enter this information in a broker account for agent bio pages, you can follow our instructions in this article.

Agent Or Office Listings

In addition to the ID’s entered as the Featured Properties Identifier, another account option is used to determine how the Agent and Office codes/ID’s are used to populate Featured Listings on your site. This gives you the flexibility to display the appropriate listings for your situation.

Agent Code As Primary

Your Featured Listings will default to displaying active listings under one or more Agent code. If there are no active listings under the Agent code(s), then listings under your Office code will be displayed as your featured listings.

Office Code As Primary

Your featured listings will show the listings for the brokerage office you belong to.

These settings are controlled by iHomefinder support team. You can contact them whenever you’d like this setting changed. Just send an email to support@ihomefinder.com.

For more details and tips on these settings, please refer to our Knowledge Base article.

Displaying Featured Listings On Your Site

The dedicated page for displaying your Featured Listings is included in the IDX pages provided with your account. To display your Featured Listings elsewhere on your site, you can use our gallery options that are easily added to any page on your site using shortcode for WordPress websites or JavaScript for non-WordPress websites.

Responsive Gallery Slider

This option displays your Featured Listings on a page using a grid layout with options for controlling rows and columns, animation effects, advancing, and maximum results.

The following articles will walk you through using these options and include code examples.

Gallery Slider Shortcode – for WordPress sites

Gallery Slider JavaScript Widget – for non-WordPress websites

Featured Sold Listings

Your active featured listings can also include your sold listings when they are available in your MLS. You also have the option to display them separately on a dedicated page. Automated Featured Solds can be enabled within the IDX Control Panel. The setting is located under Setup > Listing Settings > Results & Featured.

Show Sold Properties

If you choose the separate page option, you’ll be able to access the Sold Properties page by adding “/sold-featured-listing/” to your site’s URL.

For more details on Featured Sold Listings settings, please refer to our Knowledge Base article.

Original source: https://www.ihomefinder.com/blog/agent-and-broker-resources/featured-listings-basics/

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