Emailed Author: There are issues with your plugin code. Please read this ENTIRE email, address all listed issues, and reply to this email with your corrected code attached. It is required for you to read and reply to these emails, and failure to do so will result in significant delays with your plugin being accepted.

## Hardcoded plugin folder name

Your plugin won’t work via our directory because you hardcoded in the plugin’s folder. You’ve defined your plugin name like this:

require (WP_PLUGIN_DIR . ‘/wspo/wspo-mu.php’);

Problem is? That won’t be the folder name. The plugin folder name is derived from the name you used to submit your plugin. So if you submitted it as ‘Joe’s Cool Nameapp’ then the folder will be joes-cool-nameapp and not cool-nameapp.

Please read – you’ll notice how we have a __FILE__ parameter used in most examples. If you change your plugin to use that, it will work no matter what the folder name is.

Since you’re in the same folder, you can do this:

require (‘wspo-mu.php’);

## Including your own update checker

Please remove the checks you have in your plugin to provide for updates.

We do not permit plugins to phone home to other servers for updates, as we are providing that service for you with hosting. One of our guidelines is that you actually use our hosting, so we need you to remove that code.

## Making license checks

We do not permit plugins to phone home for license validation unless the plugin is providing a service that cannot be completed on the user’s server.

For example, a plugin like Akismet is processing spam on their own servers, and passing the data back to the users via an API. This is a service.

On the other hand, a plugin that simply validates a license and ‘unlocks’ functionality that’s already in the plugin is not a service.

This is explained in more detail in our guidelines ( under “Serviceware”

Please remove the license check from your plugin. Alternately, you may provide more information as to how you are providing a service. Remember. The service needs to be running from an external server.


Please make sure you’ve addressed ALL issues brought up in this email. When you’ve corrected your code, reply to this email with the updated code attached as a zip, or provide a link to the new code for us to review. If you have questions, concerns, or need clarification, please reply to this email and just ask us.

(While we have tried to make this review as exhaustive as possible we, like you, are humans and may have missed things. As such, we will re-review the ENTIRE plugin when you send it back to us. We appreciate your patience and understanding in this.)

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