Emailed Author: There are issues with your plugin code. Please read this ENTIRE email, address all listed issues, and reply to this email with your corrected code attached. It is required for you to read and reply to these emails, and failure to do so will result in significant delays with your plugin being accepted.

## There’s a problem with your Plugin Headers

Without correct headers, a plugin will fail to be activated and updated properly, and can (and usually will) cause issues with other plugins.

In addition, putting plugin headers on any file other than the main plugin file will cause issues on uninstall and activation.

Please review and update your plugin accordingly, putting the headers in only the main file.

The file inc/cmb/custom-meta-boxes.php has plugin headers and that must be removed.


Please make sure you’ve addressed ALL issues brought up in this email. When you’ve corrected your code, reply to this email with the updated code attached as a zip, or provide a link to the new code for us to review. If you have questions, concerns, or need clarification, please reply to this email and just ask us.

(While we have tried to make this review as exhaustive as possible we, like you, are humans and may have missed things. As such, we will re-review the ENTIRE plugin when you send it back to us. We appreciate your patience and understanding in this.)

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