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Most companies will need to showcase services on their website to their visitors. And one way to showcase services above the fold is to use a slider.

This allows you to highlight each service one by one, but the downside is that the user will have to navigate back and forth to find the service they need. A better user experience may be to keep those services visible to the user at all times.

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to showcase services using a slider while at the same time keeping each service content visible to the user at all times. To do this we will be using multiple sliders and automatic animation so that each service is highlighted one by one with specific slide design. And we will do this using Divi’s built-in design options.

Read more: https://www.elegantthemes.com/blog/divi-resources/how-to-use-multiple-sliders-to-showcase-services-with-automatic-animation

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