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One of the biggest issues WordPress website owners face is a slow website. When your website is lagging, it can affect placement in search engine ranking pages (SERPs), cause your visitors to leave and never return, and can even affect your conversion rates. Today we will go over How to Speed Up WordPress with 15 Tips!

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Timestamps ⏰
00:00 How to speed up your site
00:14 1. Conduct A Speed Test
00:47 2. Choose the Right WordPress Hosting Provider
01:20 3. Optimize Core Web Vitals
01:37 4. Choose Premium DNS
02:13 5. Keep Your Site’s Database Clean
02:42 6. Use a CDN
03:08 7. Cache Your WordPress Website’s Files
03:48 8. Minify CSS, JS, and HTML
04:24 9. Enable GZIP Compression
04:43 10. Optimize Images
05:22 11. Host Videos Outside of WordPress
06:02 12. Minimize the Use of Plugins
06:29 13. Keep PHP Updated
06:43 14. Stay on Top of Comments
07:13 15. Pick the Right Theme