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In this video you’re going to learn the easiest way to make a Restaurant and Food Ordering website. The website will also have Delivery and booking functionality!

You’ll be able to make a website for any kind of restaurant, Mexican, Asian, Latin, Southern, Japanese, you name it!

Your website will look amazing and visitors will be able to see the menu and place orders right from your website.

Users will even be able request food delivery, and reserved tables from your website!

You’ll be able to design it however you want and control the pricing for all the services. Check the quick and easy lessons below.


Intro 00:00:00
00:00:53 Get Domain Name & Hosting
00:05:37 Install WordPress

00:07:55 Login
00:09:40 Delete Plugins
00:11:10 Explaining Backend
00:12:10 Install Elementor Plugin
00:12:52 Install Starter Templates Plugin
00:13:01 Install Unsplash Plugin
00:13:46 Install Theme
00:15:10 Install a Design
00:17:12 Delete and Add Pages

00:19:37 How To Edit Pages
00:20:40 Change Text
00:21:01 Change Images
00:21:52 Edit Background Image
00:23:28 Save Template
00:23:59 Delete Sections on Website
00:24:30 Save Changes
00:25:04 Change Position of Elements
00:25:38 Add Elements
00:26:35 Change Colors, Font and Style
00:27:39 Button Text, Size and Color
00:29:39 Change Column Size
00:29:56 Adding Sections
00:31:13 How To Undo

00:33:14 Edit a Blank Page
00:33:50 Add a Section
00:34:07 Add Heading
00:34:18 Add Background Image
00:34:42 Fix Background Image
00:35:20 Change Section Space
00:36:03 Background Overlay

00:36:45 Make Column Section
00:37:03 Add Image Box
00:37:50 Add Spacing To Section
00:38:08 Add Template To Page
00:41:13 Mobile Friendly (Responsive)

00:43:14 Edit Header
00:43:18 Edit Header Button
00:43:06 Logo
00:46:55 Site Icon

00:47:57 Edit Footer

00:48:59 Contact Form
00:50:15 WPForms

00:52:08 Undo With Revisions

00:53:10 Install Food Ordering Plugin
00:53:42 Food Ordering Setup
00:56:46 Delivery Zones
00:58:48 Table Reservations
01:00:03 Hours Of Operation
01:01:18 Payment Methods
01:01:03 Your Details
01:01:34 Terms and Conditions / Privacy Policy
01:02:06 Setup App
01:03:03 Menu Setup
01:07:43 Add Menu and Ordering To Website
01:11:59 Adding Or Changing Menu
01:13:10 Receiving an Order on App

01:13:34 Congrats!

Hope you love it as much as we do 🙂