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If you run or help volunteer at an organization that puts on events, then you’re likely familiar with a wide range of event planning, management, and promotional tools. There’s Facebook, Meetup, and loads of WordPress plugins with slightly different approaches to the task of putting on an event.

These tools are great. And for almost every use case I can think of, one of them works perfectly. But in some instances, such as in the case of an organization that only does a few one-off events or a small number of annual events, these options can be overkill. Or perhaps they don’t do a good enough job of representing just how important the event is to your organization since in many of these tools, all events look the same.

Should a graduation ceremony or dinner to honour a special guest really look and feel the same as a casual cookout?

If you’re asking me, the answer is a resounding no.

But if none of these tools is quite right for the task, that prompts another question: what should we do instead?
My answer is: create custom events listing and registration pages with Divi!

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How to Create Custom Event Listing and Registration Pages with Divi and WooCommerce

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