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With the Divi Cyber Monday Sale in full swing, you’ve likely already heard about a lot of deals. We’ve got literally hundreds of deals to choose from, but because of that, some really good ones might be flying under the radar. That’s why in this post we’ve tried to find and highlight five products in the Divi Marketplace that have been significantly marked down and are just waiting to be discovered. So if you’ve yet to pick something up or if you’ve already got Divi or a Divi Account Upgrade for 25% Off, Divi Cloud and Divi Teams for 44% Off, and one or more of our Divi Cyber Monday Bundles for 60% Off–then these deals are for you!

View the list: https://www.elegantthemes.com/blog/general-news/cyber-monday-sleeper-deals-in-the-divi-marketplace

0:00 Massive discounts
0:24 Up to 80% off
0:36 Avanti Divi Child Theme
0:51 Divi Torque Pro
1:13 Divi Design Notes
1:34 Divi Headers Layout Pack
1:57 Divi WooCommerce Extended
2:18 Unlock secret discounts
2:39 Special perks & freebies
2:53 Act fast

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