The Notifier

The Notifier

  Designed for the restaurant industry but can also be used for:

  • Auto Dealers
  • Tire Shops
  • Auto Mechanics
  • Motorcycle Mechanics
  • Boat Rental

Have you ever gone to your favorite restaurant only to find a 45 minute wait before you could be seated? You have your heart set on that special meal that you can only get at your favorite restaurant. You have your wife and kids with you and don’t want to be stuck in the bar for 45 minutes especially if there’s a sports event on the bar TVs. If they give you one of those oversized pagers your travel distance is limited, so you get frustrated and end up at another restaurant eating something you didn’t want.


Think about this.

Everybody has a cell phone that can be used to notify them when their table is ready.

What if your restaurant had a 1 hour waiting list on a Saturday night and the bar and waiting area was full. Would you have to turn down customers?

The Notifier System was developed to address this specific problem.

When a customer comes in you ask them their name, cell number and how many in their party and enter that information into The Notifier.

Your customer gets an instant text message that states “You are on our waiting list, thank you for using our service”.

Now they are free to mosey around the mall or do wherever they please.

You just saved a party of 8 from walking away due to the 1 hour wait.

When their table is ready, you click their name and click the SMS button and they get an instant text message that states “Your table is ready”. You can push the call button and your customer will get a phone call with a pleasant voice telling them that their table is ready.

The Notifier will save you thousands of dollars and keep your customers coming back.

How does The Notifier keep your customers coming back?

You now have a list of cell phone numbers from the customers that used The Notifier and ate at your restaurant. You now have the power to market to your SMS list any time.

Your old restaurant pager system can’t do that.

You can push a few buttons on The Notifier and send your customers a special offer like: Buy one meal and get the second free, this Friday night only.

How powerful is that?

Throw out that old outdated restaurant paging system today and start using The Notifier for a fraction of the price.

The Notifier runs on a smart phone, ipad, tablet or PC with an internet connection.

Setup charge $150.

Usage charge $70 for 1,000 messages per month.

You may also purchase The Notifier System, call for more information.

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