Email + Text

Text messages can now be sent for the following lead notifications:

  • Listing “More Info” request
  • Contact request
  • Showing request
  • Valuation request

When enabled, these messages are sent in addition to the email notifications already sent by your account for these events.

Access Lead History Instantly

Each message includes a link to your lead management system where you can access all of the lead’s activity since their first visit.

(click to enlarge)

How to Enable Text Messages

  1. Log into your Control Panel | Learn how >
  2. Go to SETUP > Alert & Email Settings > Basic Settings
  3. Enter your mobile phone number in the Main Company Mobile Number field. Use the number of the phone on which you would like to receive text messages.
  4. Select “Yes” next to “Receive lead notifications via text message?”
  5. Save your changes.


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