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Vincent has done an outstanding job of developing a real-estate website for us at NaplesRealty411.com. He’s great with SEO and responsive web designs. Vincent is always professional, accessible, and knowledgeable about web-site technology, placement and design. He’s there whenever needed with answers and assistance.

Having an attractive web-site is important, but Vin really knows SEO, and that makes all the difference!

Thanks for all of your hard work, Vin!

Sue and Rick Cugno


I have a number of websites and have used every type of web developer out there: Local, Overseas, Cheap, Expensive. Nothing compares to Vin. When you hire him you not only get an awesome web developer but a businessman who will also consult on your project. He truly looks out for his clients and their best interests, I highly recommend Vin for any web development or web marketing needs.

Todd Rigden



I just want to thank you for all our help with the websites for our three companies. We thought we were doing ok by ourselves but realized that we really were missing out on a lot. We have actually been able to save quite a bit of money with your efficient websites by shifting away from wasteful print dollars. Thanks!

Chris Boland

Owner, Naples Outfitters, Naples Kayak Company, Everglades Kayak Company

“Vincent has been an incredible resource in internet marketing, SEO, and local search marketing.  He is honest, ethical, fair, and effective. He truly looks out for his clients and their best interests.  He has helped me go from zero to hero in local search results, and has been an enormous resource in search engine marketing of my websites. I highly recommend Vincent and VINBO for all of your web marketing needs. I have been through the maze of SEO and internet gurus and know from experience that you won’t find a better solution for your internet marketing needs.”

David Harris, Attorney

Harrris Law Firm, Fort Myers, Florida

“I can not speak highly enough about the web services that we have received from Vin. After spending more than a year trying to get our vision online, we went on the search for a new web designer. Using his marketing skills and up to date knowledge of web tools, Vin had built us our dream website within a few weeks. He then created a simple, streamlined process and trained us on how to update anything we needed on our site.”

Thank-you Vin!

Jenny Craig

“I am completely happy that I found Vin to do my websites! I had been working with a rather reputable group for over ten years but they were always slow to answer and slower to get things done.

With all the new websites that I wanted, they became useless. Vin was able to create exactly what I wanted, get it up and functioning right away, get all of the demographic data properly organized and help me think of things that should have been asked a long time ago.

When I had Vin do my newest sites, his knowledge of art-and-the-human mind as well as the ability to make the site full of very necessary action-spots made my site into a web-presence of which I can be proud and I, no longer, have to explain my sites or make a bunch of excuses for how they work or be embarrassed for being so far behind-the-curve.”

I, happily, recommend VINBO to any and all web-marketers!

Dawn MacLear


“Vin was able to understand my business and then design a web site that fit that idea. The site was clean, fast and to the point. His understanding in marketing also help attract new client and sales.”

Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , Creative.

Lou Giovanetti

CPU Sales & Service

“It’s a great pleasure and honor to work with Vin. Vin’s great web-site experiences has helped me improved our company’s web-site. Vin an excellent computer consultant too. Vin’s knowledge on computer operations and systems has also helped me a lot to maintain our company’s networks, software, and hardware upgrades and installations. I learn a lot from Vin’s excellent computer skills, web-site developments, E-commerce, software applications, and hardware configurations. I would strongly recommend any company firm who interests are related to Vin’s experiences to be a great asset to their company. Thanks Vin for all you have done. You were a big help for me.”

Robert DelRaso

Production Technician

MKS Instruments

“When Vin Andella was a very valuable resource for Michaura systems when he was at Bell Micro. We were constantly needing updates on technology and trends from our suppliers and Vin was there to assist us with not only product info but overall info on the market.

I’d recommend Vin to any organization that needs a creative, committed sales exec that works for the benefit of both his and employeer and the client.”

Joe Vitka

Owner & CEO

Michaura Systems Corp

“Vin Andella was responsible for daily operation of the MEA Leasing field office in the Boston, MA area. He did an outstanding job, keeping our customers happy and our computer inventory fully operational and installed on-site.
Vin was always available to analyze a customer’s needs and implement a timely solution, and thus was able to help MEA increase it’s sales in Boston and the surrounding areas. Vin stays abreast of new developments, adapts quickly to new technologies, and would be an asset to your organization.”

Albert Parry

Aviation & Aerospace Professional

“Vinny possessed a tremendous amount of product knowledge that enabled us to close many deals. He was our technical guru that sales and customers could call upon to trouble shoot issues, make recommendations and provide support after the sale.
Vinnie clearly know how to exceed expectations which would ultimately gain us a favorable position with customers and suppliers.
Vinnie would be a great compliment to any company looking for a talented individual.”

James Gorgoni

Sales Manager

TTI Inc.

“Vin was a great resource for me in my sales efforts at Arrow Electronics for technical support that was critical to my success in the sales arena.
I would whole heartedly recommend Vin for any endeavor in the area of his position at VINBO.”

Dick Harrington

Business Development Manager

Electronic Fasteners Inc.

“I have known Vin for over 20 years and have had the opportunity to work with Vin while at Marshall Industries, a US electronics distributor of Semiconductors and Computer Products that has since been acquired by Avnet Electronics. At that time, Vin was a Field Applications Engineer in Marshall Industries Computer Products Group and was responsible for supporting Field Sales in our efforts to market and sell a wide variety of computer products, including but not limited to Displays, Motherboards, Hard Disc Drives, and turn key box builds. My professional experience with Vin was always very positive. His knowledge of the suppliers on the Marshall Industries Line Card, complimented by his knowledge of the competition made Vin a great asset on any call. This, combined with his ability to interpret customer requirements, allowed him to direct customers to the best relevant products for their application, while insuring the best price to performance return. I enjoyed working with Vin and I am happy to recommend him as a former business associate from Marshall Industries.”

Tom Brown

Sales Executive

Paragon Electronic Systems, Inc.

“When I managed the Computer Products team at Kierulff and Arrow, covering the Northeast Coast Territory. I had the pleasure of working with Vin, he was a pleasure to manage and work with. He would be the first to go out of his way to help a co worker or account, he helped train the sales force as he was a segment expert. Vin was fiercely loyal, always a positive person with an abundance of drive and passion. He is committed to being successful and is aggressive, yet tactful in his approach.”

William White

Sales Director

Seagate Technology


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