Emailed Author: is a 404

All plugins are expected to be submitted with the code complete and ready to go, including a valid readme.txt file.

Either you did not include a direct link to your code with your submission, OR the link you provided was invalid/inaccessible. Could you please reply via email with a link so the plugin can be downloaded? Alternately you can reply to this and attach your .zip or .rar file.

Note: Please DO NOT just send the same link without verifying it works for someone not logged in to your system. We probably had issues getting your site to load, so sending the same link will likely get you the same reply.

If your plugin is not complete, and you need a place to version control your code while you work on it, you can use GitHub to safely host your code while you’re developing. We do not accept incomplete/non-functional plugins.

Please reply with 7 days. If a reply is not received the submission will be rejected and you will have to submit the plugin again, with code, should you want your plugin hosted.


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